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The journey of a lifetime of self-discovery and the brilliance within is awaiting you! Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a permission slip which could allow you to access and engage your inner guidance to make better life choices that are aligned with your purpose, goals, and aspirations. Allow yourself to connect and use aspects of your own subconsciousness or Higher Self to bring about a sense of peace and clarity into your life. Through quantum healing, awaken your subconsciousness to gain a more compassionate view towards yourself and others. Connect with your Higher Self, the brilliance within, to improve your health, live a more abundant life, and find out your life's true purpose. 


Some clients come to have a session out of curiosity; some come because they are searching for answers relating to health issue, family concerns, career dilemmas, or overall seeking a more abundant and fulfilling life. Some clients feel like they are aware of what they wish to do but feel stuck in their current life and need more guidance and clarity of the next step. Some are interested in a Past Life regression and want to experience the adventures and access information from their "Past" or Parallel Lives. Yet some clients have more universal questions relating to and their connection with God or Source. 

What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique?

QHHT is Dolores Cannon’s method of hypnosis; it involves inducing an individual into the Somnambulistic state of trance through visualization. This state is experienced only twice a day: the moment just before you become consciously awake and the moment just before you fall asleep. QHHT technique can provide access to past lives and performs instantaneous healings when appropriate. This technique has proven to be effective on thousands of people all over the world regardless of their Age, Gender, Personality, Physical Symptoms, Religious Beliefs or Cultural Backgrounds. This technique allows the client to access the Higher Self or the Subconscious which contains the answers to any question they may have about themselves or the life they are living.

How to prepare for your QHHT session?

  • Your intention to having wonderful session is important. Unbeknownst to you, when you make a decision to have a QHHT session, your Higher Self is already preparing to have contact with you. Your conscious self will take a back seat during this contact to allow the conversation and the answering of your questions to take place. If your conscious mind pops in, the Ego, the part of self that thinks it knows it all, the part that Dolores Cannon calls the "stupid self", remind yourself that you allow your Higher Self to take the lead into the journey of your past life regressions. Acknowledge and remind yourself by repeating to yourself that you have a crystal clear connection with your Higher Self and that you always make the connection easily and effortlessly.

  • On the day of your session, bring a list of questions you would like to ask your Higher Self. Please neatly write out or print out your questions; please do not bring your questions on a cell phone. The questions can be relating to health, personal live, career, your life purpose and more.

  • We will spend approximately 1-2 hours in an interview, where you and I will get to know each other and discuss reasons for your interest in this experience. We'll review your life's journey and the list of questions you have brought. I will discuss the ease of letting go and diving into a deep state of relaxation.

  • Once we begin the hypnosis process, you will be under for approximately 2 hours or a bit longer. You may remember parts of the session; however, the session is recorded for your review, as the recording resonates the energy of the session and will allow you to access more information or "downloads" from the Higher Self.

  • You will be regressed and guided through one or multiple past lives and other experiences your Higher Self deems appropriate, from the first scene you view through the most relevant periods of this life and eventually through to the end of the life. It is the Higher Self or the Subconscious that selects what past life is the most appropriate and relevant for your current life. If you don't believe or not sure about past lives, we can call them visions. Within these visions lies information which will help you better understand your current life, be able to heal, and live a more radiant life.

  • After the experience of past lives, the Higher Self is called in to answer your list of questions, to scan your body and heal if it is appropriate at this time. Then, you will be gently counted out and we will have a post-interview where we'll discuss your experience! The beauty of QHHT is that you will not be the same person as you were before the session! It is typical of a client experiencing the feeling of wonder and awe still buzzing with the vibrations they've experienced during the hypnosis and the connection they have made with the Higher Self, the brilliance within. It is truly a multi-dimensional experience, and once you are able to tap into this clear connection with your Higher Self, you are always able to make and expand on this connection during your meditation or deep state of relaxation

  • Your session is going to be audio-recorded as it is important that you listen to the recording after the session, because you may recall some information from the session but not all. When you review your recording after the session, you will receive more information that pertains to your experience and will allow you to make the necessary adjustments in your life. You may bring your own recording device if you'd like.

  • You session is private, and even though someone such as a partner, a friend or a family member would want to witness this exiting experience, we want to ensure your comfort and preserve your privacy. Therefore, only you are able to be present during the session. However, you are welcome to share your recording with whomever you wish after the session. 

  • Please download and bring with you to the session a signed copy of Client Information and Agreement Form or you can download it to your phone or PC, fill the form out & sign it by going to then share the document as an attachment and emailing it to   


Helena Manafova
Level II QHHT Practitioner
Past Life Regression Specialist

Helena earned her bachelor's degree in Psychology at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. After graduation, she became a Psychological Counselor at a residential treatment facility for the mentally ill. Helena volunteered at a clinic serving children diagnosed with Autism which lead her to obtaining her master's and become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Helena has had a passion for helping people throughout her life, and she was seeking to find a more effective and direct method to help people heal. Once she experienced a Past Life Regression herself, she knew that through accessing the Higher Self or the Subconscious mind and bypassing the limiting beliefs of the conscious mind, everything was possible, and all the healing and infinite knowledge lied within. She continues to work on expanding her own consciousness and awareness of the limitless possibilities and the power of the quantum field. She is dedicated to reaching as many people as possible and guide them to the brilliance within them to heal, to have a crystal clear perspective on their life, their purpose, to lift the veil and ignite the latent inner knowing of the powerful beings they really are.


"I truly believe we are all one, and my passion is to raise my vibration and guide all who are willing in raising their vibration so we all could expand and live in the New World."   

Ludmila Manafova
Level II QHHT Practitioner
Past Life Regression Specialist

Ludmila was born in Tajikistan where she earned her bachelors degree and became a kindergarten teacher. Soon after her life took her to Russia where the strict communist regimen didn't allow for much spiritual exploration. However, when her journey continued to the states, she felt liberated and searched for ways to heal, to expand her own consciousness and spiritual awareness. She became a cosmetologist where her clients would come to look and feel beautiful not only from the way she made them look but also through life coaching and guidance she provided. She has experience with culturally diverse population and has an innate skill of helping people relax and be themselves. Ludmila always had the urge to explore the mysteries of the unknown and find the answers to questions such as "What is our potential?" and "What is our life purpose?" Once she learned of Dolores Cannon's technique, she knew this was the key to helping and healing others by guiding them to the powerful source, the Higher Self, or the Subconscious mind within themselves.

"I am excited to facilitate and guide you on the path to your own freedom and liberation of Mind, Body, and Soul through QHHT."


* Ludmila is fluent in Russian and would be happy to help those who prefer to have a session in the Russian language. 




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